• Overcoming Anxiety, Weight Loss, Public Speaking, Alcohol Abuse, Conquer Addiction, Overcome Jealousy,
  • Stop Smoking, Cure Phobias, Improve Self-Esteem, Relieve Stress, Build Confidence, Cure Fear of Flying,
  • Gastric bands, Cure Insominia, Cure Fear of Driving, Enhance Performance, Cure Fear of Hights, Recover from Divorce,
  • Exam Nerves, Treat IBS, Panic Attack, Releve Depression, Childrens Thearpy, Pain Management, Eating Disorders, 
  • Confidence, Bed Wetting, Thumb Sucking, Post Tramatic Stress Disorder, Hair Pulling,
  • Nail Biting, Anger Management, Stutter, Acne

  • Prices start at £65 per session some therapies may require more than one session.