Charlotte Sra born in Birmingham a single mother of two has practiced alternative spiritual therapies for 15yrs, she comes from a spiritual background and her prime practices have been as a Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Councillor, clairvoyant and medium.  In 2005 after having spent time project managing a  celebrity supported children’s charity  working with and accommodating  various programs regarding individual cases, she went on to study the practice of physic and medical hypnosis. Charlotte has had a broad working relationship with the general public, large organisations, business, local health authorities, private sector and international superstars along with the media industry she has worked with an extended catalogue comprising of some of the most advanced Life coaching techniques, counselling methods, medical scripts, hypnotic music and hypnotic methods, and she has now collaborated this with the her love and practice within the spiritual sector and music industry.

Through her years of study and practice she has gone on to grow successfully in sectors ranging from Clairvoyant, Medium, bilingual hypnosis, life coaching well established organisations, working directly with special needs children to teaching the  media and music industry and writing children’s  books. Charlotte has followed the alternative therapy practice for many years and believes and practices to help with the wellbeing of one’s self and to challenge not only ones love, health, wealth and career path but also the surgical and medical methods of practice.